Meeting (WTAS)

Dear attendees of the 13th WTAS,

Unfortunately, this year’s conference theme: “The Importance of the Environment”- caught up with us a bit more than we had planned: We very much regret that the Germany-wide attempts to slow down the spread of the corona virus have unfortunately made it necessary to postpone our meeting.

The Scientific Conference Autism Spectrum (WTAS) will unfortunately not be able to take place on 19/20 March 2020 for these reasons. We are trying to find an alternative date in autumn 2020, which we will announce as soon as possible.

The decision, which we had to make in agreement and after consultation with the board of the University Hospital Göttingen, was not easy for us. Our common concern is not so much the risk of infection – which should currently be minimal for the individual – but rather the risk of quarantine measures for colleagues who will then be absent from patient care.

We are offering to maintain the program as it stands, with the changes that may arise. You can either leave your participant fees in place until the alternative date, otherwise they will be refunded. If you would like a refund, please let us know together with the information about your bank details.

We regret this extraordinary situation and are working hard to find a solution that will serve the safety of all participants, the health situation and the success of the conference.

We thank you for your understanding and the numerous registrations for this year’s WTAS, which we were very pleased about! Postponed is not abandoned, we look forward to seeing you all at the 13th WTAS in Göttingen!

With kind regards

Prof. Dr. Luise Poustka (conference president)
Prof. Dr. Michele Noterdaeme (Chairperson of WGAS)
Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek (Deputy Chairperson of WGAS)