Sponsoring for 14th WTAS

Stiftung Irene: 1,050 euros (travel grants); Hogrefe: 1000 euros (book display), Kohlhammer: 1000 Euro (book display).

The neutrality and independence of the WGAS will always be maintained in any form of sponsorship. Any form of influence of the sponsors on content-related or strategic decisions of the WGAS is excluded. The WGAS treats all donations from the sponsoring companies in a transparent manner and provides information upon request. Organizers, speakers and the scientific management disclose their potential conflicts of interest to the participants and, upon request, to the State Medical Association. The contents of the WTAS and its workshops are designed to be product and/or service neutral.

If you are interested in sponsoring WTAS, please contact us: tagung@wgas-autismus.org