The goal of the Society for Research in Autism Spectrum Conditions (WGAS) is to promote and enhance research in autism and related phenomena in all areas of basic and applied research in the German speaking area, including Switzerland and Austria.

Relevant areas of research are diverse and among others, include behavioural and molecular genetics, functional and structural brain imaging, neuropsychology, epidemiology, classification, prognosis and quality of life/ social integration, and evidence based intervention (psychotherapy & psychopharmacology).

The WGAS meets our goals by hosting events (e.g., Scientific Meeting for Autism Spectrum Conditions, WTAS), promoting networking among colleagues active within the autism field, providing support for junior scientists and sponsoring awards, research grants, scientific publications, and facilitating the formation of professional groups. Furthermore, individual support for children and adults with autism in the context of applied research is another goal of the WGAS.