Research Opportunities

Here, WGAS provides a platform for the posting and finding of jobs and internships (e.g., diploma and PhD positions). Furthermore, you can use the platform to inform people about your research studies and recruit participants.

Your posting should include the following information:

  1. Category: please choose between a) search position, b) offer position, c) study participation
  2. Title: e.g., „PhD position for research on Theory of Mind in autism“ (max. 15 words)
  3. Description: e.g., Institution, tasks, special qualifications, payment (max. 400 words)
  4. Contact information: Name, e-mail
  5. Additionally you can also send a Flyer (PDF) or Link to a website.

If your post is also interesting for german-speaking persons, please send the information also in German.

Please send your offer/search by e-mail to