I am Daniela Nürnberg and a doctoral student at the Department of Developmental Psychology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with Prof. Altgassen. As part of my doctoral work, we are planning a study in the area of autism spectrum disorders, specifically in relation to Prospective Memory and “Episodic Future Thinking” in adult individuals with autism in the low-functioning range, and their associations with everyday difficulties.
Deviation from routine? Sudden changes in plans? These are challenges in the daily lives of individuals with autism where prospective memory plays a role. It helps us to implement actions according to a previously made plan in the future. To date, prospective memory and its relationship to autism-specific behaviors has not been adequately studied.
With your participation in this study, you can make an important research contribution to better understand the prospective memory of individuals with autism in order to create long-term supports for everyday planning. For this purpose we are now looking for volunteers.

Duration: 2 hours with break

Participation criteria: 18-59 years, diagnosis from the autism spectrum (except Asperger’s autism)

Expense allowance: 10 Euro per hour

Contact/Location/Links: Mainz

Contact: M.Sc. Psych. Daniela Nürnberg; Mail: dannuern@uni-mainz.de, Phone: +49-(0)6131-39 39146

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