Study description: My name is Alina Pult, I am studying the Master Practice Research in Social Work and Education at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. In my bachelor’s thesis, I looked at existing autism-specific social skills trainings and examined them in terms of their resource orientation. I was subsequently able to implement the findings in my work in child and adolescent psychiatry. In the context of my master’s thesis “Neurodiverse Perspectives on Friendship” I would now like to let the autistic adolescents themselves have their say: What do friendships mean to them? Who would they like to be friends with? What distinguishes them as a friend?

The aim of my work is to open up a resource-oriented, neurodiverse perspective on the topic alongside existing deficit-oriented research on autism and friendship that is oriented towards neurotypical concepts, and thus possibly enable a deeper understanding of the wishes and strengths of autistic young people. To do this, I would like to conduct interviews with autistic youth. These would be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. As an alternative to talking in person (in a place where the young person feels comfortable), these interviews could also be conducted via zoom (with or without a camera) or via text-based chat.

Duration: approx. 45 min

Participation criteria: Adolescents from the autism spectrum (12-21 years old).

Expense allowance: A small thank you (by arrangement).

Contact/Location/Links: Please contact if interested: Alina Pult (mobile no.: 01776939772)

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