The “FASTER/SCOTT” is investigating the effectiveness of two therapeutic approaches for adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They are a group therapy approach (FASTER) and a computer-based online training approach (SCOTT&EVA), which will be compared with a wait-list control condition (i.e., no treatment).

The study will be conducted at six clinics in Germany (Freiburg, Mannheim, Tübingen, Essen, Berlin, Dresden). Study participation will largely take place online, so that study participants from all over Germany can take part! With this study we want to improve the care of people with ASD. Currently, there are no scientifically proven treatment concepts for adults with ASD. Access to therapy places is also difficult. Our goal is to establish a therapy and training that is easily accessible and effective in the long term.

You can participate if you are:
1) are age: 18-65,
2) have an existing autism diagnosis (early childhood autism, atypical autism, Asperger’s syndrome),
3) have an IQ above 80 (also recorded as part of the study),
4) are not taking any medication or are taking the same medication regularly,
5) are willing to participate in home-based computer-based training or group psychotherapy with six people,
6) have not received autism-specific treatment currently or in the past 6 months.

Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to contact us! If you are interested in participating as well as further questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Kamila Borowiak.

Further information on the study and conditions of participation can be found here

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