Do you also think that people from the autism spectrum are still unable to realise their potential on the first labour market in Germany and are clearly underrepresented?

The following survey, which I would like to invite you to answer, concerns you and your living environment as an adult person with a diagnosis from the autism spectrum.

I am investigating, as part of my Master’s thesis in the Department of Education and Counselling in Social Work at the Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin, the context of the low employment rate (20%) of people from the autism spectrum in the primary labour market in Germany. In relation to this important topic, I would like to ask you to contribute to this research project by taking part in the following online survey. The survey ends on 15.02.2023 and is aimed at people of full age with a diagnosis from the autism spectrum.

In terms of content, the aim is to make visible the concrete reasons for the low level of permanent integration in the primary labour market from the perspective of people from the autism spectrum in Germany. The data collected is to form the basis for necessary change mechanisms in various areas of the world of work. The aim is to develop and sustainably install an autism-specific integration project that improves the inadequate situation of people from the autism spectrum in the primary labour market in Germany. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, I need your support in the form of your experience. I am very grateful for every vote.

Please follow this link to open the questionnaire: https://www.soscisurvey.de/ASS2022GK/

You will need about 15 minutes to answer the questionnaire.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous. The results will be published (in aggregated form) as part of my final thesis. Conclusions about your person are neither intended nor possible. Your data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me (e-mail: gregor.krebs@stud.khsb-berlin.de).

Many thanks in advance!

With kind regards

Gregor Krebs


Duration: 15-20 min – 15.11.2022 – 15.02.2023

Participation criteria: Diagnosis from the autism spectrum, age of majority

Expense allowance: none

Author: Admin2