Would you like to actively help shape the work of the WGAS? On this page, you will find all information about membership options for the association. 

As a member you can participate in the work of the WGAS in the committees or the departments. Members receive discounts at club events. The membership fee is € 25.00 per year for student members and € 75.00 per year for full and supporting members.

Full member

You can become a full member of the WGAS if you can prove that you are involved in research in the area of ​​the autism spectrum or relevant neighboring disciplines (e.g. social cognition). The proof takes place e.g. by providing scientific literature, participation in research projects or references.

Student member

You can become a student member of the WGAS if you are enrolled at a university in Germany or abroad and are working on the autism spectrum as part of a scientific work (usually a master’s or doctoral thesis). A student member must submit an application for full membership in the year in which they complete their studies in order to remain a member of the association.

Supporting Member

You can also become a supporting member if you want to belong to the WGAS without being (scientifically) active. Supporting members do not have to provide proof of academic qualifications.

Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks to process your membership application.



Membership application

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