The Scientific Conference Autism Spectrum (WTAS) takes place annually. A wide range of scientific research is presented at the conference, including topics such as diagnostics, intervention, imaging and neuropsychology. The WTAS is attended each year by researchers, practitioners, people on the autism spectrum and their families.

Ludger Tebartz van Elst


I would like to cordially invite you to the 15th WTAS from 21 to 23 March 2024 in Frankfurt am Main. You will again have the opportunity to participate in the conference either in person or online.

Prof. Dr. Christine M. Freitag (President of the 15th WTAS)




Registration is required for participation in the WTAS. If you click on “Register here”, you will be redirected to our registration platform (ConfTool). There you will first create a user account and then register for the conference. We have prepared instructions to help you find your way around the registration platform. If you have any questions about registration, please contact us.

Registration will probably be possible from September onwards.

Frau liest Buch auf WTAS - WTAS Autismus


The WTAS will again offer a number of programme items, such as keynote speeches, workshops, as well as short lectures and a poster exhibition, where young scientists will be given the opportunity to present their current research results.

The programme is expected to be announced in September.

Overview of Fees

Below you will find an overview of the WTAS fees:

The fees are expected to be announced in September.

In-person event

Online event


Abstracts WTAS - WGAS Autismus

You can present your current research results at WTAS as a poster and / or short talk. Papers will be accepted that are empirical work in the field of autism spectrum research or related relevant issues.


Abstract submission is expected to be possible from September onwards.

Prizes & Awards

Travel grants

The WGAS awards travel grants to promote young academics. These include the waiver of the conference fee and the payment of a travel allowance.

Diversity Award

The WGAS presents the Diversity Award to honour people who have made exemplary contributions to the coexistence of people with and without autism.


With this award, the WGAS honours German-speaking young researchers who have made extraordinary and innovative achievements in autism research. The award-winning work will also be presented as a lecture at the WTAS.

Stiftung Irene Stipend

The Stiftung Irene awards a doctoral scholarship in cooperation with the WGAS. The doctoral scholarship is intended to support empirical doctoral theses on the topic of autism.

Poster awards

The WGAS awards excellent research in the field of autism research with a poster prize. The evaluation takes place during the poster exhibition at WTAS. Among other things, the evaluation takes into account the innovative content, impact and design of the poster.


The WGAS recognises national and international researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of autism over many years. The Society awards the Kanner-Asperger Medal every two years for such exceptional achievements.


The neutrality and independence of WGAS is always maintained in any form of sponsorship. Any form of influence by the sponsor on the content or strategic decisions of WGAS is excluded. The WGAS treats all donations from the sponsoring companies in a transparent manner and will provide information upon request. Organizers, speakers and the scientific management disclose their potential conflicts of interest to the participants and, upon request, to the State Medical Association. The contents of the WTAS and its workshops are designed to be product and/or service neutral.



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